Digital Marketing: A Political tool of 2022

The digital marketing campaign of any product is meant to promote a product in the market as a solution to problems that existed. It does the same for individuals who need to promote their stature as someone of value. There are many ways to promote someone. One of the most effective marketing campaigns is digital marketing. Because it is one of the best ways to promote someone. Enlighten the public. And build relations. Political


Across countries. The biggest profile building is needed by politicians. And it seems natural to understand the reason. The idea of promoting a politician is holistic in the sense that it comprises image building and voter analysis. And expected public interests. A political leader’s approach to a place will differ according to its needs.

USA Case:

The politics of a country is the podium and all leaders are actors. In the USA, a Democrat representative from Ohio. Tim Ryan was frustrated by stalled legislation that he decided to express his views in a TikTok video. The instance is one of the politicians going aboard as doing something that one does not associate with a politician.

Indian Case:

In the 2019 general elections of India – Nationalism was promoted as a way to take the front seat and suppress issues like demonetization and GST. They used social media to suggest that problems can only be resolved by a single party or leader.

Both cases are entirely different; one is against the backdrop of an intense election fight with the idea that nationalism needs sacrifice. And only a few can save your nation and religion. Other is a fun video of a politician just entertaining his people about the slow proceeding of the house. The only thing common between the two cases is the use of social media to reach out to your voters.

Some digital marketing steps for political parties

  • Reach out to new customer base and attend to the present customer base
  • Community leaders need to showcase their influence and the ideology they support using platforms
  • Engage the youth as they are mostly glued to different platforms to expand their consumer base
  • Analyze the data as in user engagement. And likes views on different content posted in favor of a political leader or against their opposition party.
  • Sharing information and data on different social media platforms
  • Create awareness about election campaigns and false rumors
  • Create personal blogs and social media pages like film actors or influencers to look upon
  • Twitter campaigns and lives video discussions with the public to create a sort of fan base

Tools of digital marketing that can be effective: Use SEO as a measure of the popularity of a political leader. Clickbait advertising is a way to highlight some key promises. And spread information. And awareness using reverse marketing methods to derive contact details.

The use of digital marketing was a major factor in the success of many campaigns.

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