The Top Benefits of React Native and its Future

The growth of mobile development rate has grown massively in recent years. As per Statista 55.3 billion apps (approx) have been downloaded from the Google Play store in the first half of 2022.

A reliable mobile app can help you with the exponential growth of your business. But now comes the question to choose the best technology for building the mobile app. As there are many frameworks available in the market that can be used but opting for the best one can really be a hard task.

So in order to make this task a bit easier for you, here is this blog. We will discuss one such popular cross-platform app development framework, that you can use for React Native app development.

So, Let’s get started with this blog!

What is React Native?

Launched in 2015, React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework launched by Facebook (Meta). It uses JavaScript as its principal programming language to develop cross-platform applications with truly native capabilities. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2021, 58.08 developers preferred to use React Native for the development process.

This framework is considered the best when it comes to saving time, and money. And effort at the same time as it works on the motive of “code once and writing anywhere”. Basically, it works on three different threads-

  • UI Thread – This is the main application thread that is responsible for the UI of the application.
  • JavaScript Thread – This is the execution thread that has all the JavaScript code.
  • Shadow Thread – This is the background thread that utilizes the React library to calculate the layout of the application.

Benefits of React Native

Reusability Of Code

One of the biggest advantages of React OS. This significantly helps to increase development speed and efficiency.

Native is that it offers code reusability which means mobile app developers can use the same codebase for two different platforms. Such as Android and third-party Plugins Support

React Native provides a number of third-party tools or plugins that will help to enhance the app’s functionality and performance. Third-party plugins including search bars or Google maps can be added to the application.

Community Support

React Native has a large community support of developers that are making continuous efforts to develop and update this platform. Its ecosystem is very wide and developers can contribute to it in many forms. Additionally, if they will face any kind of development-related issues they can go through the community to get their queries sorted.

Hot Reload Feature

This hot reloading feature can be used when the application is running. And you want to add some new changes in the app that you have edited at run time. In a nutshell, it allows the developers to see and do the app changes in real-time and they will automatically get reflected in the app. Additionally, if you only want to reload a particular part of an application then it can also be helpful in that as well.


As already mentioned above, React Native’s code is reusable which helps to save development costs up to 40% as well. As there is no need to hire two separate development teams for Android and iOS platforms to build the application and ultimately it will cut down the development expenses. Furthermore, the app interfaces built by React Native are fast and responsive which provides a seamless experience to the users.

Time To Market

TTM (Time To Market) is the time period when it takes from the product being conceived until its being available for sale and here in this case the product is a mobile app. The success of any application depends on time to market and using React Native for this can be a smart move. As it develops applications for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time which will ultimately cut the delay to deploy the app to the market.

Easy Debugging

React Native makes code debugging easier for developers as it uses the same codebase for Android and iOS platforms. It automatically saves them a lot of time that they use to detect a bug in the application. Here in this only a single bug fix will eliminate all other bugs from all operating systems.

Future Of React Native

The future of React Native will be very bright and impressive. Due to its unique and prominent features, it will become the most-used cross-platform app development framework in the coming future.

React Native will become a reliable framework for developers who want to build innovative applications by incorporating all the latest technologies and features into it. Furthermore, engineers at Facebook are working on a large scale to make this framework more flexible and its integration better with native infrastructure in hybrid JavaScript or native apps.

Popular Apps Built With React Native

There are many popular companies that are using this framework for their mobile app development services likewise.

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • UberEats
  • Discord
  • Instagram…. And there are many more on the list!


To conclude, React Native app development has indeed a very bright future. So, if you are looking forward to developing a cross-platform application for your business success then you can go for React Native without thinking twice.

You can also take the assistance of a React Native app development company to know more about React Native app development services so that you can leverage more benefits of this definitive framework.

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